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02 Whitianga Waterways Hotel Feasibility Study

Campbell Consulting was contracted in 2008 to conduct a hotel feasibility study for a major new resort hotel located within Hopper Development’s Whitianga Waterways.

The resort hotel will be the most significant feature of Whitianga Waterways as it will establish Whitianga as a resort hotel destination attracting an array of domestic visitors and international tourists.

Campbell Consulting produced;

  • A preliminary market feasibility for a hotel, including; the existing tourism market, Whitianga and the Coromandel Peninsula as a destination, domestic and international tourism study, secondary and primary research with stakeholders, and defining the target market
  • Hotel financial feasibility and business model – forecasts and projections, demand, room number projections, seasonality trends, occupancy rates, and hotel rates
  • The hotel concept – hotel management company recommendations, sustainability recommendations, the synergy of a hotel and air transport route development
  • A dynamic hotel feasibility and business model

This resort hotel would become known as the only true resort hotel in New Zealand. 

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